Port-au-Prince, 18.01.10


An Appeal For Haitian Victims

Dear brothers/sisters
The world is fully aware of the large-scale catastrophic devastation caused by the strong earthquake to the Haitian community couple of days ago. AMURT /AMURTEL of New York sector have joined the relief efforts in full swing. All our projects and schools run by Dada’s and Didi are safe with no injuries or casualties. The Sectorial AMURT/ AMURTEL board is meeting almost on a daily basis to take stock of the situation and plan the activities with updates coming from our field camps in Haiti.  It is worth mentioning here that with the encouragements from the Canadian Development Agency together with important UN Agencies and USAID AMURT has established a very good record of accomplishment of its own kind in Haiti and has emerged as a unique development agency in past years.  Due to our continued presence in the country, we already have the infrastructure and some logistics on ground, which have been pressed into action as required. As AMURT USA is committed to developmental projects in many poor countries of various sectors, it has delayed our response to some extent.  

Never the less, as of now, with eight skilled volunteers joining forces, AMURT has taken up the task of starting numerous orphanages for sheltering thousands kids now rendered helpless. While our units in the USA, Canada, and Mexico are organizing resources for taking up such long term projects there, we humbly appeal to all sectors to send in food, clothing, medical relief goods, and skilled volunteers in good numbers for the hundreds of thousands of victims.  At this hour your every contribution will be highly appreciated. Details of the on-going relief operations and tasks will be mailed on a regular basis.
Skilled people for the following tasks are required to spend at least 1-2 weeks in Haiti:
Logistics—Project Management
Structural Engineers
Emergency Mgmt
Health-Medical Coordinator
Doctors and nurses
Water Sanitation Specialist
Child Psychiatrists/ Specialists with PTSD with Disasters—hands on art therapy who can train (lots)
Plan refugee camps
Expert in Disability people (1) 

For administrative transparency of cash and kind donations, a separate bank account has been set up for handling all donations made for this cause. Details will be made available to Sectorial Secretaries of all sectors when they are ready to send transactions. Sectorial Secretaries are kindly requested to closely administer and supervise all donations made by margiis, sympathizers, and public for the cause at hand. 
I shall be updating you on a regular basis as and when they emerge. 

Brotherly Yours; 

Ac. Vimalananda Avt.
SS NY Sector.
[email protected]