Bihar - Kosi River


You must be aware about the flood being caused by the Koshi River in north Bihar's Shaharsa, Madhepura, Supaul, and Araria. More than 4 millions people have been the victims of flood fury. Soon after the news of food, our workers, LFTs and Margiis started distributing dry food packets (Chira & Gur) and rescue works from 19th August 2008. A Team of 10 workers were sent to the affected area with relief materials on 22nd August 2008 from Ananda Nagar.The workers who are working day and night in flood affected area are

1. Ac. Satyeshvarananda Avadhuta  -------------------------Madhepura
2. Ac. Sridhara Brac.---------------------------------------------Madhepura
3. Ac. Divyaprema ..---------------------------------------------Madhepura
4. Ac. Paramananda Avadhuta---------------------------------Saharsha
5. Ac. Burdhawan Brc.------------------------------------------Saharsha
6. Ac. Sukhadiipananda Avadhuta----------------------------Supaul
7. Ac. Nityajinananda Avadhuta-------------------------------Supaul
8. Ac. Pracetananda Avadhuta---------------------------------Araria
9. Ac. Avanindrananda Avadhuta-----------------------------Araria
10. Ac. Brahmaswarupananda Avadhuta--------------------Purnea

AMURT workers opened gruel kitchens at Baba Singheshvar College, Bhairopur in Madhepura district feeding 1100 people two times day since 28th August 2008.

AMURT has started free kitchen at Amaha bus stand Gambharia Block of Supaul, Lalu ji 500 flood affected people daily since 22nd August 2008.

Our Ex- BP of Shaharsha, Anandii ji, has been feeding 600 flood victims every day since 21st August 2008 in Saharsha and his son Sri Vivek jii has told him to continue the AMURT free mass feeding for one month. He has to donate the money for the flood victims from his own salary.

AMURT has been providing dry and cooked foods more than 700 people who have taken shelter in Purnia Baba's Quarters for the past three days.

Local AMURT volunteer Sri Shiva Sevak Jii of Jivachhpur (Madhepura) has distributed  4000 packets of cooked food to the affected people.

Beside these AMURT has a team of doctors headed by Dr. Ramesh jii, (Retired Civil Surgeon) from Bokaro has been doing excellent medical services amongst the flood victims of Ghailad block of Madhepura district and Ac. Paracetananda Avadhuta is co-coordinating with them and distributing free medicines collected from  different AMURT units of Delhi sector.

It is to be noted that AMURT's News have been appeared in different papers. TV and NDTV have highlighted service activities of AMURT in Madhepura and other places yesterday on 2nd September 2008.



Special Appeal

Seeing the magnitude of the flood devastations above North Bihar's four districts, Saharsha, Madhepura, Supaul,and Araria, I appeal to all units of AMURT/AMURTEL all over the world and generous minded people of the world to extend their helping hands in mitigatating the sufferings of millions of flood victims in money, materials and men.

With my best wishes to all and hope your quick and positive response as soon as possible.

In HIS Service ALONE,

Ac. Ramananda Avadhuta

Global AMURT Secretary