Myanmar - Irrawaddy-Delta‏: Erste Informationen aus dem Katastrophengebiet

Mayanmar (Burma) was hit hard by cyclone Nargis on May 3. It is the worst natural disaster in East Asia since the tsunami of 2004. Most of the 38,500 confirmed deaths occurred in the southern Irrawaddy river delta region. Unofficial estimates put the deaths at 128.000+. The majority of people were killed by a tidal surge 12 ft (3.5m) high. Approximately 2,5 million people who have been affected with many loosing their homes. The old capital Rangoon is without electricity and has received enormous damage to its infrastructure. Most of the survivors, who still did not receive any or only limited aid, are now threatened with disease. AMURT (Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team) is now at work in Burma.
AMURT has been active these past two weeks in Burma relief work. After the initial chaos where families took shelter in one of our battered schools, we started assessments with funds that we were able to get in right away. We found many villages completely neglected and rotting corpses everywhere. This week we commenced distribution of food in earnest. Just yesterday, 15 May, Dada Laliteshananda and 20 volunteers distributed food supplies to 380 families (around 3200 people) from a village located in the Delta area near Konyangon town, 90 kilometers from Yangon. They distributed vouchers to the families to collect the food packages at our distribution point. The packages contained food to last for one week containing rice (carbohydrates), beans (proteins) raw sugar (rich in minerals). Our tried-and-tested system of making assessments on a family-by-family basis effectively identifies the most vulnerable sectors of the society.
We have a few more experts scheduled to go into Burma in the coming days, including a team of doctors from Malaysia, and so far have not faced any difficulties in getting visas. We have managed to get a start-up fund from one of our Aceh donors and a few AMURT and AMURTEL chapters around the world are also responding.
 There is so much work to do. Apart from just food and medicine to save people's lives this month we want to help these people rebuild their lives. We are therefore appealing to you to help raise funds for this long-term effort.

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