Port-au-Prince 2010

Doctor Pashupati Returns Home After Humanitarian Trip to Haiti

(Feb 5th 2010) 

Dr. Steven Landau (Dr. Pashupati), who has a medical practice in Smithfield, arrived in Haiti about a week ago.
He's part of a non-profit group called AMURT, which runs a school in Port-au-Prince and two other schools outside Haiti's capital.
The school in Port-au-Prince was not seriously damaged and is now a staging ground for helping earthquake victims.
Landau and other volunteers also set up a clinic at a tent city nearby with the help of some of the people living there.
"Every field, every open space was occupied by 100 or 500 ramshackle tents," Landau said.
He treated more than one hundred people in just a few days.
"What is really neat is that the people have been so cooperative with us and so friendly and so warm and so welcoming. Not a hint of violence in anything that we were doing," he said.
AMURT plans to send more doctors and nurses to the tent cities in Port-au-Prince and outlying areas. Volunteers also plan to restart classes at the school in Port-au-Prince in a few weeks.

von Dada Gopalkrsnananda kam heute die folgende Nachricht:

(Jan 17th 2010)

From the day one, after the quake, we make food for people who loose their home and living in the street. The first day we feed 150 people, then 200 and yesterday 250 people. Today many of them get transportation, to go to their home province, to settle as there is no mean to support living in Port-au-Prince anymore for the next few years to come. As many people are hungry and we cannot cook so much we dropped several sacs of rice to groups of people to cook for themselves. 

Some family with kids we give shelter in the playground. Thanks for the plant we planted two years ago, now are giving shed to us.