Myanmar - Irrawaddy-Delta‏: Assessments und Nahrungsverteilung


AMURT and AMURTEL volunteers have been active since the cyclone hit on May 3 doing relief work. After the initial chaos we started assessments with funds that we were able to get in right away. We found many villages completely neglected and thousands of rotting corpses everywhere.

In the week May 11-17 we commenced distribution of food in earnest and we distributed food supplies to 580 families, around 3200 people, from a village located in the Delta area near Konyangon town, 90 Km from Yangon. Our staff distributed vouchers to the families to collect the food packages at our distribution point. The packages contained food to last for one week containing rice (carbohydrates) beans (proteins) raw sugar (rich in mineral). Our tried and tested system of making assessments village by village family and when reacquired on a family by family basis effectively identifies the most vulnerable sectors of the society.

Assessments have been done over the weekend for another 14 villages and trucks are distributing food to those village this week.

We have also started asessments for Child Friendly Spaces under UNICEF's guidelines to start to deal with the massive trauma of the children of this disaster. Our target is to open 4 child friendly space by June 1. In most places we would have to construct a temporary structure as most village schools and community halls on those areas have been destroyed in the cyclone.

Currently we have three officers, 12 local staff and around 30 volunteers in Burma.