Myanmar - Irrawaddy-Delta‏: Das Neueste von Dada Nirmalkrishnananda

Namaskar dear all,
You may have followed the News reports over the last two weeks. The working conditions are extremely difficult due to the restrictions imposed by the Burmese military government.  The International NGO community is waiting in the start holes waiting for the necessary permissions to implement their relief activities.
In spite of all these obstacles, AMURT has been able to organize massive food distributions in the affected Delta area! We have so far sent trucks into the heavily damaged Kungyangon district three hours South-West of Yangon City. The distributed parcels with basic food items benefitted the affected households and the host community of the medium size town of Twa Chaung.

Our assessment teams have returned from the Dedaye district and Kyaklat district respectively where they identified another 14 communities in urgent need of emergency supplies. The situation in Pyapon district is still to be explored! The UN World Food Program can only supply 30% of the necessary quantities! Large parts of the population have not received any aid until today!
Meanwhile our volunteers have prepared foodpackages for the next trucks to leave tonight and the days to come! All fooditems (rice, pulses, cooking oil, molasses and salt) are purchased  in bulk and need to be rationed into family-size bags.
We have received funding for 75 truckloads.The transports in the delta area proved difficult. We have to hire boats to reach the flooded settlements along the river banks. For safety reasons, we are sending one or maximum two trucks at a time. We get "police" escort and around 25 security guards for each transport. Only locals can accompany. Foreigners have to stay back in town.
The torrential monsoon rains every day are a hard test for the displaced families since their dwellings have been destroyed or become inhabitable. More goods will be needed. We request your support so that we can go on serving our brothers and sisters in need.
In His service
Dadas Laliteshananda &Nirmalakrsnananda