Bihar - Kosi River

Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team (AMURT and AMURTEL) starting from 20th August is operating 10 relief camps in flood affected parts of North Bihar. Especial mention need be made of the camp operating from Majhaoa, which is setting an example of extraordinary dedication & courage for rescuing victims caught in the floods in their homes in Supaul district close to the Kosi Barrage. The volunteers in this camp have, till date, rescued over few hundred victims from the remote locations . Running a boat safely is the greatest concern in this area where the water current from the breach is very heavy. It requires 5 boatmen at anytime for bowing to combat water current.A distance of 10 kilometers takes over 12 hours.
The progress of rescuing people in this remote location is disturbing for want of a motor boat. AMURT is now planning to have its own motor boat.. The other Camps are rescuing and feeding over 8000 people on a daily basis. They propose to increase the service manifold.
The entire operation in 10 camps is being guided and supervised and actively worked with the sincere efforts of 40 Sanyasins both dadas and didis and 440 volunteers. A group of 25 volunteers from Orissa have left for Purnea for joining in this service effort. 10 Sanyasins from Kolikata have reached Araria and are organizing activities in Forbisganj and western Araria.
Planning is also in progress to start many more camps in a situation which only evokes fear of death when every one seems to be leaving their hearth and home for safety. The volunteers at times find themselves caught in a dilemma whether to continue or go to safe places like everyone else. Amidst such a terrible natural disaster AMURT volunteers are demonstrating extraordinary passion for their work.
AMURT volunteers with a team of doctors in Saharsa & Bhagalpur is now engaging itself in rendering medical service to the distressed people, children, old men and women. In coming days AMURT with its veterinary doctors will work for providing vaccination and medical relief to the cattle of the village.