An Appeal


Namaskar AMURT Germany,

I hope all of you do well. Here in Romania in our one year performance 
report to DGAS (Social Department of Bucharest), AMURT Romania did well. 
Out of 17 beneficiaries (homeless youth) 4 were fully integrated (job and 
apartment), 3 are at present in independent life skill training (with job 
but dependent on apartment or food), 7 are in Domnesti, and 3 left due to 
personal or social reasons. When we started, one year ago, it was said by 
other NGOs out of 10 beneficiaries maybe 2 or 3 will succeed.

Our contract with DGAS is three years and every year the budget is renewed 
and approved by City Council of Bucharest. AMURT is waiting for the new 
budget approval for 2010 to 2011 to be decided on 11 October (tomorrow 

Last week Monday the new budget was discussed with DGAS. The meeting 
started with the common Romanian news about the government's decision that 
salaries were cut off with 25% of all public domains and 15% of pensions. 
New budget lines have been stipulated as laws, and so on. All these 
reductions because EU suspended Romania from financial support until 
economic improvement.

The new AMURT budget will be reduced with 61% (salaries 40%). Example my 
salary dropped from net Euro 365 to 165 which I am using in supporting the 
previous boys because two of them are still in the high school for one 

My plan is to bring up the salaries by immediately getting minimum of Euro 
600 per month for six months (total 3,600). Hopefully during this period 
we can create an additional project to support with 30% to the existing 
project. Last few days I have managed to get three Margiis to donate Euro 
100 per month for six months (total 1,800). I still need few more Euro 50 
or 100 monthly supports.

I have met few of the German Margiis at Madhu Karuna but not in contact by 
phone or emails. Germany has been supporting AMURT Romania before, which I 
am thankful. Do you know anyone who would like to support with small 
monthly contribution for six months. If you do, it would be highly 

AMURT Romania:

Thank you,